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Week of April 13

  1.  Get Apply 2 turned in to me via email.  You start a new email in Outlook, send to, click the paperclip and chose your Apply 2 as an attachment.  Remember, you must close a file before you attempt to upload or attach it in an email.

  2.  Get the 4 puzzles I assigned in Pearson completed for easy completion grades in the grade book this week.  These will help you study for your Chapter 1 Vocab Test in PowerPoint.

  3.  PPT Chapter 1 Vocab Test is WEDNESDAY.  Check in Teams for the assignment/quiz.

  4.  Attendance is real!  If I don't get an assignment from you this week, I will be emailing you.  If you don't reply to that email, I will mark you absent.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE contact me if you have any questions.  You have to check Teams, Chat, and Outlook (email) everyday. I hope you had a nice Easter weekend with your family and everyone is staying healthy Smiley

Mrs. Haynes


*****LAST WEEK***

Week of April 6

1.  Make sure you have read all that pertains to last week, if you haven't - you need to read all entries starting with Monday, March 30.  YOU MUST CHECK IN TEAMS AND YOUR OUTLOOK EMAIL DAILY.  That is how your teachers will reach you it is your responsibility to check it daily for assignments, announcements, and corrections.

2.  Study your vocabulary words, I am creating a vocabulary test in Teams and will make it available on Thursday, 4/9.  Friday is a holiday, so make sure you take it before the end of the school day, 1:39 pm.  ANYTIME I say an assignment is due on a certain day, it will be before school is "over" @ 1:39 pm.

3.  After you have downloaded your PowerPoint data files (directions below from last week), read Lesson 1 of PowerPoint, starts on page 866.  Complete the try-its just like you did at school.  Of course, these first few lessons on PPT are very simple, but make sure you are reading through the entire chapter.  Complete Apply 01 and save to the correct folder on the computer you are using at home.  Please make sure you have all your folders organized. Later this week I am going to assign this lesson to you and you will attach and upload it to me.  Instead of printing, you will upload it to me through Pearson.

4.  Read Lesson 2, and complete Apply 02.

5.  EVERY DAY you should be logging into Teams, reading your Outlook emails, and looking at this planner entry for DIT.  As always, don't hesitate to reach out if you have a question for me, I am here to help.

Mrs. Haynes


Monday, March 30

Hello to my DIT students!  I hope this planner update finds you healthy and well as we begin this Distance Learning journey.  I know it is hard to stay close to home and limit contact with your friends, but it is really important that we all practice social distancing.  It is hard, I have been following the SD rules myself.  Instead of going out shopping, seeing friends and relatives, or going to the beach, instead I have cleaned closets, floors, bathrooms, back and front porches, the yard, the dog... well you get the general idea.  But it's important that we all limit our exposure to possible COVID-19 cases for a few more weeks.

We are going to proceed as normal since you signed up for an online class.  I hope you will welcome the "distraction" with some PowerPoint activities.  We are ALL going to start in PowerPoint at this point, since it is the last quarter of school!  If you aren't able to access the Internet at home, please reach out to me via email.  I will have to come up with some written work for you to do instead of the PowerPoint lessons.  You will need the 2016 or 2019 version of Office for everything to look correct.  Your textbook is based on the 2016 version, but if you have another version installed at home it will probably work.  If all else fails, you can use the Office 365 version of PowerPoint in your ClassLink (big orange button-Office 365).  In the next few days I am going to assign the Apply problems and you will be able to submit them to me through the course.  We haven't done it like this in the past  because I prefer you to print them for me to grade.  But Pearson will allow you to attach your file and submit it for grading, we will get to that a little later.

As you get started with PowerPoint, I suggest you make a folder on your documents file of your home computer.  You can set it up just like you did your U drive here at school.  I will post directions on downloading the files to your computer.  So you will need the following folders to use during the distance learning time period:    

         PPT Ch1 Data Files

         PPT Ch 2 Data Files

         Finished Work

At this point, look for an email soon with a pictorial guide for downloading materials.

P.S.  I have had several students email me about the Certification exams.  As of right now, the state of Florida has suspended all certification exams.  I will let you know if that changes in the near future.  

Thank you and remember to stay safe and healthy!

Mrs. Haynes

Thursday, 4/2

1.  Thanks to everyone who responded in Teams.  You are going to need to check that daily because I am going to set up a "check-in" system because we teachers have to take roll each week.  More info on that to follow.

2.  Look below my last message for the Chapter 1 PPT vocabulary.  I need you to type it up and save it for me, I haven't decided how I will get it from you.  I  have a couple options, and just haven't decided yet.  Study those vocabulary notes for the quiz which will be next week.  I will make it up in the Forms section and you will fill it out online.

3.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!  Remember the use of county and district resources should be in accordance with your AUP.  Do not use these online sources inappropriately or for personal use.  If you are found to be in breach of your AUP, you could be removed and have to do a written packet of work, for all your classes.

I work during the school day, 7:30-1:40, so if you reach out to me outside of these hours, I will respond the next day.

Thank you and stay healthy and safe.  And be a light--be nice to your fellow quarantine family members, especially the adults ;)

CHAPTER 1 PowerPoint Vocabulary

(There are 23 words total, it re-numbered when I copied and pasted from my Word document.)

Lesson 1

  1. Normal view

  2. Placeholders

  3. Presentation

  4. Storyboard

  5. Theme

Lesson 2

  1.  Active slide

  2. Handouts

  3. Slide layout

Lesson 3

  1.  Aspect ratio

  2. Footer

  3. Header

  4. Landscape orientation

  5. Portrait orientation

  6. Properties

Lesson 4

  1. Crop

  2. Scale

Lesson 5

  1.  Format painter

Lesson 6

  1.  Autofit

Lesson 7

  1.  Grayscale

Lesson 8

  1.  Destination

  2. Source

Lesson 9

  1.  Advance slide timing

  2. Transitions


Monday, 3/23

1.  Back to Excel for a few days, so please read Lesson 15 again if you did not finish it the last time we were doing Pearson coursework.  Then complete Apply 15.

2.  Until further notice you may do typing lessons if you are finished with the daily assignment.

3.  IF I CATCH you doing something you're not supposed to be doing, I will mark off one of your free passes (if you have them from Word or Excel).  If you don't have free passes, you will write a few Honor Codes.

Tuesday, 3/24

1.  Read Lesson 16 and complete Apply 16.  It is a short and easy lesson.

Wednesday, 3/25

2.  Read Lesson 17 and complete Apply 17.  This is another very short lesson.

Thursday, 3/26

1.  Print Day :)

2.  GMetrix again, we are set to take the next round of the certification exam in less than 2 weeks--Tuesday, April 7.

3.  If you passed Excel earlier this month, you will work in PowerPoint in Excel.  

If you didn't take Excel or didn't pass it, you will do Excel in GMetrix.


1.  Start a New Test

2.  Office 2019

3.  Excel

4.  CORE SKILL REVIEW 1 in Training Mode.


1.  Start a New Test

2.  Office 2019

3.  PowerPoint

4.  Practice Exam 1 in Training Mode.

Friday, 3/27

1.  Finish up your training mode assignment from yesterday and begin it in TESTING MODE.

**Spring Break - March 16-20**

**************LAST WEEK********

Monday, 3/9

1.  Finish up any leftover work from last week.  I will give out candy again tomorrow for your grades last week.  Certification exam is Wednesday, you need to make every effort to be at school to take the exam.

REMEMBER:  An 850 in GMETRIX is an indicator you should make a 700 on the CERTIFICATION exam.  The raw numbers do not equate to the same thing on each "testing" platform.

2.  Redo Exam 1 in TESTING mode again.  I am going  to run reports for this date later this week.  In other words, I am checking to make sure you did the exam again today.

Tuesday, 3/10

1.  Exam 2 in TRAINING mode again.  Look closely at the help and how to do any items you are having trouble with.  This is your last chance before the exam TOMORROW.

Wednesday, 3/11

1.  Excel Certification Exam or Word.  Remember, if you pass Excel this first time, I will let you listen to music when you use your 3 free passes.

Thursday, 3/12

1.  Type in EduType for 20 minutes.  IF everyone does well during this first half of class, then I will let you go to Nitrotype. 

2.  Check your DIT, it is final and should be accurate.  Look to make sure you don't see any errors and that I added extrac

*******LAST WEEK*******

Monday, 3/2

1.  It's time to prepare for your next certification exam--next Wednesday, March 11.  

2.  GMetrix - a.  Start new test

                     b.  Office 2019

                     c.  Excel (or Word if you are practicing for your last Word exam)

                     d.  Core Practice Exam 1

                     e.  Training Mode

Tuesday, 3/3

1.  See me about what to print if you were absent Monday.

2.  By the end of the period tomorrow, you need to be finished with the first exam in training AND testing mode (for this month, not February.  In other words, the grades you made for the practice you did in February don't count for this. 

3.  I will give candy on Thursday to all who scored 85 and above in testing mode.

ANYONE that hasn't complete both training and testing mode by the end of the day Wednesday, will spend a few days in here with me (during your lunch period :) )  Won't that be fun??!!

Wednesday, 3/4-NO MORE TYPING UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.  You cannot practice or prepare too much for the certification exam next week!

1.  BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you pass all 3 certification exams (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), you will be able to count that bundle certification as a Math or Science credit at any high school in the state.  

2.  If you complete Exam 1 in testing mode before the end of the period, start the same process with Exam 2.  First do it in training mode and then testing mode.

ADVANTAGES of passing the Excel test the first time (next Wednesday, 3/11) are:

1. You are one step closer to the pizza party at the end of the year.  You will need to pass the PowerPoint exam, but that won't be hard compared to Excel and Word.

2.  You are done with Excel in GMetrix AND in Certiport.

Thursday & Friday, 3/5-6

1.  I will be coming by with your candy reward for scoring 850 or higher on the Exam 1 in testing.

2.  GMetrix Exam 2 in Training Mode and then Testing Mode.  This time if you score @ 900 or above, you will get candy next week.  

3.  If you complete both Excel 1 and 2 Exams in training and testing modes, go to the next assignment:  Core Skill Review 1 in training, then testing mode.


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