Daily Planner Entry

Enter my lab quietly and put your backpack in a cubby.  ALWAYS  taking your planner, folder and pen/pencil to your desk everyday.

ALWAYS do the Apply problem NEVER do a Practice problem

ONLY print when I tell you to, usually every Thursday.

Monday, 2/17

Presidents' Day Holiday

Tuesday, 2/18

1.  Excel Chapter 1 Grader Project.  You have 3 submissions total to perfect your grade.  This is a test grade, so no talking with anyone.

2.  If you finish the Grader Project, come and get the Excel Chapter 2 vocabulary.  Just copy 1-23 (lesson 6) on your paper.

Wednesday, 2/19

1.  Excel Chapter 2 vocabulary--look up words 1-23 (lessons 11-16).   There won't be anymore class time for this assignment.  If you don't finish today, then copy the words down on your paper and look them up before Friday.  I will be checking vocabulary on Friday, 2/21.  

Thursday, 2/20

1.  Read Lesson 11 and start Apply 11.  DO NOT RUSH through the reading in Excel,  you will be completely lost if you do.

Friday, 2/21

1.  Finish Apply 11 and read Lesson 12.  

****************LAST WEEK***

Monday, 2/10

1.  Finish Apply 8.  Read Lesson 9 and start on Apply 9 if you have time.

Tuesday, 2/11

1.  Complete Apply 9.

IF YOU ARE OUT this week because of an illness, trip, or the track meet on Friday--make sure you are keeping up with the assignments.  We are doing the Grader Project next Tuesday and you need to be ready.  REMEMBER my lab is open in the mornings and you can also pull up Pearson at home!

Wednesday, 2/12

1.  Read Lesson 10 and complete Apply 10.  It is a very short lesson.

Thursday, 2/13

1.  Print Day

2.  Do the Portfolio Builder, pg. 433.  It is in your Excel Data Files, EPB01.

Friday, 2/14

1.  See me about what to print if you were absent yesterday.

2.  Complete EPBO1, if necessary.

3.  Valentine Activity.

****LAST WEEK****

Monday, 2/3

1.  GMetrix for everyone.

Word students--your certification exam is tomorrow.  Please be on time to class as it is a 50 minute exam.  You can still earn 75 points of extra credit if you pass the exam tomorrow.

Today you will do Exam 1 in TESTING mode.  I understand you have already done that, I am getting grades this week.

Excel students--please do the first exam in training mode, I am getting grades this week.  You can do typing lessons if you complete this today.

Tuesday, 2/4

1.  Word Certification Exam retakes.  Students not taking the certification exam need to read or work on something quietly.

Wednesday, 2/5

1.  Back to Pearson, read Lesson 6 and complete Apply 6, it is a very short lesson.

Thursday, 2/6

1.  Read Lesson 7 and complete Apply 7.  Another short lesson, but a very important one as you are learning how to create formulas.  Don't skim over this content.

Friday, 2/7

1.  Read Lesson 8 and start on Apply 8.

 *****LAST/ WEEK******

Monday, 1/27

1.  CATCH-UP DAY (Not to be confused with a FREE DAY.)   We are typing today, not sleeping, reading a book or doing work from another class.

2.  You may take a break from GMetrix and go to the typing program through ClassLink--EduType.  Do lessons the first half of the class and then I will tell you when you can do the games.  If I catch you on games during lesson time, you will do Honor Codes instead.

3.  Feel free to do GMetrix if you want to get a higher score or practice.  The Word certification exam date is Tuesday, February 4.

Tuesday, January 28

1.  Go to GMetrix.  Please do the 2nd exam in TESTING mode.  Remember if you are taking the Word exam next Tuesday, you really need to do as much as you can in GMetrix to prepare yourself. 

2.  For Word people:  if you feel like you really know the first 2 exams, you can always work on the Word Associate Skill Review 1.

Wednesday, January 29

1.  We are printing tomorrow, be sure you have completed through Lesson and Apply 5.

2.  Continue to  move forward in GMetrix, especially people taking the Word exam next Tuesday.  Look at your worst grade for this month and redo that assignment.

3.  If you are doing Excel in GMetrix, I will take your training grades, not your test grades.  This practice in GMetrix will help you when you take the first certification exam in the coming months.

Thursday, January 30

1.  Open Apply 5 and go to File/Print.  Double-check to make sure it is not 2 pages in length.   Fix with auto column-width before you print if necessary.  DO NOT change the page orientation just to "fix" this issue.  If it prints on 2 pages, that is what you turn in.  Don't print it twice.

2.  Word GMetrix users- click on Tests under the main menu, then Completed Tests.  Choose the Exam 2 in Testing mode (from this month, not December) and scroll down below the circle graph and look at the standards that you didn't get correct.  Click on the study guide icon at the end of each row of missed standards (they don't all have study guides).  Copy down exactly how to do complete that task.  Then you will take the Exam 2 in Testing mode again tomorrow, using these notes.

3.  Excel people may read a book of they have it since it is Literacy week or do typing lessons only.  It is not a free day!

Friday, January 31

1.  Word GMetrix Students:  Begin and try to complete the Exam 2 in Testing Mode.  If you do finish, work on another GMetrix assignment, I will be coming around for grades when I get back next week.

2.  Excel GMetrix Students:  You may type (lessons or games), or read a book today since it is the last day of literacy week.  

LAST WEEK**************

Monday, 1/20

Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

Tuesday and Wednesday, 1/21-22

We are going to stop and work in GMetrix for a bit.  

1.  If you PASSED the WORD EXAM in December, go to #2 below.  If you did not pass the Word certification exam in December, follow these steps:

a.)  Classlink, then GMetrix

b.)  Start New Test

c.)  Office 2019, then Word

d.)  Practice Exam 1 in TRAINING

e.)  Practice Exam 2 in TRAINING

2.  I know you're only half-way done with the first Excel chapter, but you are going to jump to GMetrix and work in training mode only:

a.)  Classlink, then GMetrix

b.)  Start New Test

c.)  Office 2019, then Excel

d.)  Core Practice Exam 1 in TRAINING

e.)  Core Practice Exam 2 in TRAINING

Thursday and Friday, 1/23-24

1.  Print Day - Listen closely because you are printing more than 1 Apply today.  SEE ME IF YOU WERE OUT THURSDAY about printing your work from yesterday.

2.  Finish up the 2 assignments you did Tuesday and Wednesday and go back and do the first one in Testing mode today.  I will be taking the 1st grade for GMetrix on Friday afternoon, so be sure you are up to date with the assignments.  To be clear, finish up the 2 training assignments you started on Tuesday in Word or GMetrix.  Go back to the first one and complete it in testing mode.  You need to have that 1st exam finished (TESTING MODE) when you leave Friday :)

*****LAST WEEK****

Monday, 1/13

1.  Read Excel Lesson 2 and complete Apply 2.

2.  You can use the practice games I loaded in Pearson to study for your Excel Ch. 1 Vocabulary test TOMORROW.

Tuesday, 1/14

1.  Study your vocab for about 10 minutes.

2.  Number your paper from 1-25, don't skip lines and don't double-column.

3. Write the letter of the correct answer for each definition.  Don't use an answer more than once.

4.  You may read or work on something quietly.

Wednesday, 1/15

1.  Read Excel Lesson 3 and complete Apply 3. It is a short lesson, so start reading Lesson 4. 

2.  We are printing tomorrow, be sure you are caught up AND you have saved your files to your U drive.  If you cannot find it tomorrow, you can't print it and I won't take it Friday or later.

Thursday, 1/16

1.  Print Day

2.  Finish reading Lesson 4 and complete Apply 4.

Friday, 1/17

1.  See me if you were out yesterday, you have an assignment to print.

2.  Read Lesson 5 and begin Apply 5.  This lesson has "a lot" and you need to read it slowly; the opportunity to skim through lessons is over... 

*****LAST WEEK******

Monday, 1/6

Teacher Planning Day

Tuesday, 1/7

Happy New Year and welcome back :)

1.  Issue new restroom passes and give extra credit for old ones.  You must remove the old, and replace with the new.

2.  Clean out your hard drive of old Word data files and finished or completed apply assignments or grader projects.

3.  Make 2 new data file folders:   

Excel Ch 1 Data Files    


Excel Ch 2 Data Files

4.  Make a new Finished Work folder.  (If it is easier for you to clean out the old folder and use it now, then do that.)

5.  We will download the data files together, please pay attention and keep up.  We are doing both Chapter 1 and 2 today so everything will be available should you get ahead of the schedule.

6.  Go to EduType through Classlink and work on some typing lessons to smooth your transition back into the lab.  If you don't follow instructions, you will start working on the vocabulary for Excel, Chapter 1.

Wednesday, 1/8

1.  Look up the Excel Ch. 1 vocabulary definitions in the ePearson textbook and finish through at least #17 today. WRITING ON YOUR OWN PAPER. Do not use Google or any other way (website) to look up these definitions.

Thursday, 1/9

1.  Finish up through #35 for the Excel vocabulary.  I will check it for a completion grade TOMORROW.  Vocabulary test next TUESDAY, 1/14.

Friday, 1/10

1.  Read Excel Lesson 1 and finish Apply 01.  It is a short and easy lesson.  Make sure you are saving these documents to the correct folder on your U drive.  That will ensure you can find them when we start printing again next week.


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